Gender Sensitive Organizational Development in the Public-Profit-Sector

My research interest in the sociology of education is closely connected to the issues of organizational sociology. In the centre of my respective studies stands the task of (gender) equal opportunities in organisations, first and foremost in the educational system and in public administration.

To the scope of my research that has a focus on the institutionalization of women’s and gender research and on the evaluation of actions on the promotion of equal opportunities in universities also belongs the analysis of experiences from organizational development and consulting. This encompasses the reflection of the usage of sociological knowledge in organizations, too.

The main focus of my current research activities is the implementation of Gender Mainstreaming and Managing Diversity in organizations of the public sector contributing to scientific and social development in modernity.


Research projects

Excellence and/or Equal Opportunities for Men and Women: National Policies and Discursive Practices at Universities (Germany and Switzerland) (in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Julia Nentwich, 2014−2018)

International Research Group „Entrepreneurial University and Gender Change” (2008−2018)

Evaluation of the Implementation of Gender Mainstreaming in the Framework of Target Agreements in the Universities of Saxony-Anhalt: Interim Results and Perspectives (2006)

Strategy Development for Implementation of Gender Mainstreaming in Universities (on the Example of the University of Rostock) (2003−2004)

Chances and Risks of a Fusion of the Universities-Gesamthochschulen of Essen and Duisburg Related to Equal Opportunities (2001−2002)

Women’s and Gender Research in Teaching in Hamburg Universities (from the fall semester 1984/85 till the spring semester 1996) (1995−1996)