Gender Relations and Social Change in the Welfare State

My studies in the fields of social theories and the sociology of knowledge contribute to the investigation of stability and change in gender relations in late modernity. 

Influenced by theoretical perspectives on modernisation and inequality I am interested in phenomena of change, for example demographic and technological change. These analysis are complemented by theory-driven studies on processes of restructuration and policies. For example: gender policies, family policies and educational policies.

The analytical framework is shaped by social scientific theories that are read from a gender perspective (e.g. Elias, Giddens, Castells, Beck, Boltanski/Chiapello, Arendt, Fraser).


Research Projects

Generativity and Gender in Shrinking Welfare Societies – an Institutional Analysis in International Comparison (2008−2010)

Population, Gender and Politics: The Demographic Change as 'Problem' (2005−2006)

Towards a Childless Society? Why Men Do Not Want to Become Fathers (Any More) (2005)

Discourses on family policies in West- and East Germany since the 1980s (2004)

gender@future: Gender Relations in the Information Age (2003−2004)

On the Theory and Politics of Sexual Difference in Italian Feminism – the Example of the Philosophical Communiy Diotima (1991−1994)