Academic Careers: Orientation, Planning and Counselling on the Example of the Disciplines Political Science and Chemistry 

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“Academic Careers”!

In the contemporary “knowledge society”  the academic field in particular is one of the central spheres where equal opportunities for women have to be promoted.

At the same time it is necessary to point out that women – despite the explicit increase in the last decades of participation in learning, which is expressed in the rising amount of high school female graduates, better school leaving certificates on the side of the young females in comparison to young men, increasing proportion of women among the university entrants and university graduates – are on the higher level of the academic world continuously and persistently underrepresented.

A vast number of the once started academic careers of women are not being continued after finishing a doctorate. This "loss of females" expresses itself in an obviously lower proportion of females than males – with the disciplinary-specific variations – in completed habilitations and professorships. Whereas according to the Federal Statistical Office the proportion of females in the doctoral phase in 2007 was still as high as 42.7%. In the post-doctoral stage, women made only 24.3% and for the professorships 16.2%.

Why do fewer females than males pursue or accomplish a habilitation or an equivalent academic qualification after the doctorate? Where can the reasons for that be found on the individual, institutional and structural levels? These aspects are studies in our research project: "Academic Careers: Orientation, Planning and Coaching on the Example of the Disciplines Political Science and Chemistry".

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