Transformations of Knowledge in Modernity

My studies in the fields of social theory and sociology of knowledge analyse the connection of scientific and social development in modernity. One focus consists of the critique of social scientific theories and methodologies, including the (categorical) impact of gender, and on qualitative methods.

A key aspect is the development of elements for a gendered institutional analysis of modernity which relates to Giddens’ theory of structuration in a critical manner.

Another focus lies on reflections of the impact of sociology and women’s and gender studies under conditions of social and epistemological change, e.g. on the scientifics of the women’s movements’ protest in "reflexive modernity" (Beck, Giddens, Lash), and on their categories.


Research Projects

Gender Research and the New Governance of Science (2013−2016)

International Research Group "GenderSocialTheories" (since 2006)

Reflexive Modernisation and the Scientification of Protest: The Contribution of Womens’ and Gender Studies to the Sociological Enlightenment of the Knowledge Society (1999−2001)

Women’s Studies as a Contribution to the Development aof Science and University (1997)