Gender Research and the New Academic Governance

The academic system in general and the higher educational institutions in particular are at present very important. At the same time, societal institutions are at the centre of competing interests. The higher education institutions, as places of monopolized allocation and acquisition of academic qualifications, are important for the emerging late modern knowledge societies and their prominent position in the global and international contexts.

The issue of gender equality is also on the agenda. Here the equal opportunities policy employs a double strategy of rather individual specific actions for the benefit of women and the organisation-specific strategy of gender mainstreaming. Both strategies are focused on equality of opportunities and gender justice. In its turn, gender research aims at the transformation of the scientific contents, modes of thinking and forms of production. Equal opportunities policy and gender research stand in a tense relationship to each other.

An important starting point to foster the development of the recognized innovative potential of gender research under the expanding new governance of science by means of targeted promotion for academic and social development is the study of the organizational cultures and structures in university and in research.

The project aims at analyzing how much important is ascribed to gender research under the conditions of the new governance in the contemporary transformation processes of the academic system in academic, organizational (cultural and structural) and politically-administrative perspectives, and what support gender research receives from different science-policy actors.


Federal Ministry for Education and Research

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