International Research Group

On one hand, compared to the discourse in the English speaking world, it seems as if in the German speaking world the mutual reference of social theory and gender studies has just begun. In the German speaking world, the status of the category gender is not only unclear but also the question if this perspective belongs to the field of general sociology or to a new just emerging special sociology.

On the other hand, the German speaking women’s and gender studies observe a deficit concerning the study of societal theoretical issues. The claim explicitly try to go beyond the existing more or less systematic alignments to established theories in order to analyse modern gender relations. They namely aim to overlap single theories and relate to inter- and transdisciplinary issues that are also shared by sociology. They demand to transgress a more or less isolated usage of societal theoretical drafts for the analysis of gender relations.

To reach these aims, the favoured way is seen in a dialogue between social theories and gender research on widespread and consistent theoretical problems that are shared by both scientific approaches. Therewith a research programme is designated, that requires to be adequately worked out in an enlarged scientific network.

Impulses to establish the research group

The establishment of the research group goes back to impulses from two ad-hoc-groups in the frame of congresses of the German Sociological Association (DGS): 

"Persistence or change in gender relations: Epistemological potentialities of contemporary sociological theories", 32nd congress of the German Sociological Association (DGS) "Social inequality – cultural differences", October 2004 at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (initiators: Dr. Heike Kahlert and Prof. Dr. Andrea Maihofer)

"The organization of gender and generativity between processes of re-naturalisation and socialisation – analysis with regard to Giddens and Foucault", 33rd congress of the German Sociological Association (DGS) “The nature of society”, at the University of Kassel (initiators: Dr. Heike Kahlert and Dr. Anneli Rüling)

Start 02/2007: first international two-day workshop "Gender and contemporary social theories", 02-03/02/2007 at the University of Basel (initiators: Dr. Heike Kahlert and Prof. Dr. Andrea Maihofer with support by Katharina Pühl)

Current members

Wibke Backhaus (Freiburg), Dr. Stephanie Bethmann (Freiburg), Prof. Dr. Günter Burkart (Lüneburg), Prof. Dr. Nina Degele (Freiburg), Sophia Ermert (Berlin), Prof. Dr. Heike Kahlert (Bochum/Hildesheim), Dr. Marina Liakova (Karlsruhe), Dr. Inés Mateos (Basel), PD Dr. Renate Ruhne (Berne), PD Dr. Christine Weinbach (Potsdam)

Former members

Karolin Heckemeyer (Brugg), Karsten Kassner (Berlin), Prof. Dr. Tomke König (Bielefeld), Prof. Dr. Andrea Maihofer (Basel), Dr. Gabriele Michalitsch (Vienna), Prof. Dr. Julia Nentwich (St. Gallen), Katharina Pühl (Berlin), Dr. Anneli Rüling (Berlin), Prof. Dr. Annette Treibel (Karlsruhe), Prof. Dr. Gabriele Winker (Hamburg)


Regularly two-day workshops, biannual at different locations


Book publication with previous results